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Giant Resource Pools

Corporate, Group, Educational Institution, Government Agency

Business, Social, Education, Public Affairs

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we-Member contains corporate and charity partnership 

Up to 30% off on Ta-Dan Select

1% Charity Feedback aka “Charity Coin”

Charity Partnership

You could put your products and services into the giant resource pools. You will spend few cost for getting new customers, and you could make deal on that.


Those pass the application for charity partnership will become WE-Members and will enjoy relevant discounts and rights.

15% platform service fee will be charged for each transaction, of which 5% will be allocated to international public welfare organizations. Only the government agency partners will not be charged any service fee.

Corporate Partners

  • Product Sales

  • Service Online

  • Promotion

Government Agency Partners

  • Policy Advocacy

  • Event Invitation

  • Promotion Service Link

Group Partners

  • Lectures & Event Invitations

  • Organization Member Recruitment

  • Peripheral Merchandise Sales

Educational Institution Partners

  • Description of Teaching features

  • Admissions Instructions

  • Peripheral Merchandise Sales

Global City Resource Pools

We have 26 partners in the main city of the Europe-Asia, we  will build up the giant resource pools for all membership and partnership.




Singapore City, Bangkok,       Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh

Greater Bay Area

Guangzhou, Macao,  Shenzhen, Hongkong


Munich, Warsaw,  Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Madrid, Rome

East Asia

Seoul, Tokyo,  Busan, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai


We create the multiple functions for partnership.


  • Partnership could establish effective sales channels through the listing of products and services.

  • Partnership also could gain more new customers through the giant resource pools.

Social Network

  • Partnership could effectively promote through listing activities and invitations.          

  •  Partnership could obtain more new cooperation agreements through the giant resource pools.


  • Partnership could effectively expose their courses and enrollment information.

  • Partnership could acquire more new students through the giant resource pools.

Charity Image

  • Partnership could increase corporate social image by participating in public welfare activities and consumption.

  • Partnership could comply with the international trend of ESG+CSR.


We create extra functions to match more resources for government agency partners.


Public Affairs


Press Releases


Fundraising Zone

Government agency partners could establish public issue with promotion and discussion on TA-DAN TOGETHER.

Government agency partners could publish official press releases on TA-DAN TOGETHER.

Considering the accounting process of government agencies, government agency partnership could propose fundraising plans and we will set up a fundraising zone on TA-DAN SELECT. (It will be not charged any service fee)

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